More About me

I am based in Hyderabad, India.
I am passionate about creating best user experience on web.
Having 11 years' of experience in web development. Got my hand into in almost all areas of SDLC.
I have worked on web, portals, IWMS, ecommerce, company websites, legacy apps for small to big customers.
Shifted majority of my work area from LAMP stack to MERN/MEAN stack sometime around when php5-to-7 was controvertially hanging.
My core strenght gradually evolved into Front-end since ES6 was launched in 2015.
Now I am more of a MERN Full stack developer.
I do website audit on weekends for design, SEO, performace and undertake enhancement work.
I still do freelancing sometimes whenever time permits, mostly if the project thrills me with new innovative feasible idea.
My hobbies are travelling and exploring beautiful places. I like driving my own and go on long drive. I enjoy the nature, most of the weekends I spend my time travelling and spending time at my dream farmhouse which is still not completely ready.